Walter ICECUT™ Annular Cutters, Weldon Shank

Walter ICECUT™ Annular Cutters, Weldon Shank

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Guaranteed to drill more holes in less time!

The new ICECUT annular cutters are coated with an exclusive mixture of chromium and aluminum (AICrN) and are designed to be used where lubricants are not permitted or problematic to apply. This new technology outperforms any Titanium (TiN) or Titanium-Aluminum (TiAIN) coating cutters. By incorporating a chromium aluminum blend into the coating. Walter ICECUT annular cutters can withstand at least 200 degrees Celsius higher temperatures and produce less heat than a conventional TiAIN cutter. This exclusive coating makes the ICECUT more resistant to higher stress under load and instant impact.


  • Fully ground extra large flutes
  • Modern tooth design and cutter geometry
  • New high technology coating
  • Universal shank


  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Steel
  • Structural Steel